June 29, 2022

How the Classic Casino Game of Slots Originated

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How the Classic Casino Game of Slots Originated

History of Classic Slots Casino Game

The most favored casino games ever are slot machines. There are thousands of options, both land-based and online. But how did slot machines originate? Here is a run-through of how they came into existence and evolved over the years. 

In 1895, Charles Augustine Fey, a car mechanic, originated the slot machine. The machine had three reels and ten playing card symbols. Also called the Liberty Bell, the machine also consisted of a heavy casting with elaborate chest, feet, toes, and a bell. The machine’s fundamental structure and the familiar bell is the contemporary slots’ predecessor and forms a major part of the Slot machine tips’ history. 

In 1910, Charles Fey in partnership with the Mills Novelty Company unveiled the Bell operator. The slot machine featured the generally recognized fruit symbols that replaced the original game card symbols. The fruit symbols represented chewing gum flavors such as lemon, plum, cherry, and oranges. This is because the games paid out prizes in terms of chewing gum instead of cash to sidestep the regulations of the time. 

Slot machines, one of the casino game continued to evolve with the launching of a machine with a double boat and quiet silence bell. Later, the development of grooves in wood cabinets helped replace most of the larger and heavier devices with smaller and lighter ones. 

Throughout the slots history, several changes like design and pretty costumes have occurred. 

In the early ‘30s, companies that published Mills slots became even more indelible by launching a series of drawings of beautiful and unique cabinets, each having its specific theme. Thematic innovations came in 1931, with the Roman leader and the War Eagle coming later that year. The slots became more enchanting with these developments, consequently drawing more players.

Another leap in the slots history took place in the mid-20th century with the invention of the Big Bertha and the Super Big Bertha, the first machine-driven slots. The machines had eight reels, each with 20 symbols. 

Slot machines remained mechanical for many years. It wasn’t until 1964 that the electrification of slots resulted in progress toward the present-day game. In the 80s the computer era influenced the integration of video screens into the game. 

A lot has changed since the invention of the first slot machine. Currently, there are even Internet-integrated slots. However, the most fascinating things about the game are the bells and flashing lights. Playing slots still requires no special skills and/or experience but is complete fun. 


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