August 11, 2022

The Effect of Poker on Society

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The Effect of Poker on Society

Poker Effect in Society

One of the most intriguing questions that pose a dilemma in today’s world is whether poker is the same as gambling. Well, this article is not just about to give the panacea answer but we seek to enlighten you a little more. Gambling was almost universally considered a wayward engagement. However, the facts on the ground suggest a different story. Online casinos have fundamentally changed the gambling equation for the better. You bet that now, anyone would love to spin the wheel, or at least play a slot game. You could also bet that the most conservative of them all would still yield to the temptation to gamble. 


Is Poker Gambling

Well, I guess that to gamble is to take a risk, a big risk, with the odds against you. That may have been so in the days just before you could read posts such as this one. The narrative is different. It is the opposite. Online gambling has invited pastors and Imams into the gambling hall. If anything, how would you tell whether they do it or not? For all they care, they could play it nude in the privacy of their bedrooms, and no one would know. As to whether poker is gambling, there is no direct answer. It could swing both ways. For the gurus, poker is a more certain venture than fishing. The math and blunders that poker players are subjected to means that players with experience on their hands can easily exploit and make a fortune, a sure fortune from it. Yet still, with variants of the game emerging, there are opportunities for the rookies to avoid being taken advantage of.


Poker Is, Indeed, Gambling

Well, still, even with the mathematical chances and the classic blunders that players make on the table, poker relies heavily on chance. Chance is a synonym for gambling. So if poker is, indeed, a game of chance, then it is gambling. However, if you look at poker from the perspective that sometimes poker would behave like a salaried job, then you would understand and appreciate the fact that it is not a careless gamble. Indeed, even in professional engagements, there is always a chance for luck. The most successful corporate manager is not necessarily the sharpest knife in the kitchen.


When Poker Would Be Gambling

Ideally, it is commonly described as a game of zero-sum. If you are already scratching your head, don’t. It simply means that the house loses nothing but the prize is sponsored by the players. The casino would still demand its percentage from the proceeds, either way. Thus, poker is a rather dark, or is it tainted game! The problem hangs with players who lose and still want to bet more than their life would afford. The lure is always hanging on their heads. For players with no restraint, poker is certainly gambling and a dangerous one at that.


The General Effect of Poker

It would help to explore the gambling problem before we establish the overall gambling effect on society. On one hand, gambling has empowered many people to rise from grass to grace. What with the jackpots and all? It has also been blamed to impoverish others. Therefore, it seems gambling is yet another dilemma, a ripe subject for philosophers. Poker is not necessarily gambling but it may manifest as such, depending on the circumstances. Figures reveal that society harbors approximately up to 1% pathological gamblers. These could be poker players. It is a problem because such people won’t do anything but a gamble.



Poker, therefore, has both positive and negative effects on society. What determines the effect is at the individual level. Thus, learn, listen and live with poker. It is a dilemma, remember!


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