June 29, 2022


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The popularity of online casinos has been on the rise ever since the decade had started, more and more people are switching to gambling online due to how easy it is. The popularity of online casinos has far surpassed land based casinos due to multiple factors. It’s ease of access, for one, has acted as the main attraction of online casinos ever since its introduction to the world. Let us go back a few years when gamblers have to visit an online casino just to play a few games. The local casino is a few kilometers away, and you would have to dress up formally due to dress code in land based casinos, get on your car, start your car, endure hours of traffic jam, and then a few more minutes wasted looking for a parking space.  At the casino entrance, you would be stopped by security for a body check. Inside the casino, you would have to walk around to look for a suitable game to play, and the games you wish to play are not always available. Some games require you to queue up until a seat is freed, then only you can start playing; by the time, you are probably already exhausted, worn out, and sleepy, so you could not play with your full potential. Well, what if we tell you do not have to face all of these troubles just by hopping online to join an online casino, this is what we mean by ease of access. 


Online casinos usually come available on all types of platforms. This means that you can choose to play your favorite games either on desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or even on your microwave if you wish. Hey, it’s the internet of things, anything is possible nowadays. The point is, your favorite online casino is always an arm’s reach away. With the flick of a finger you will gain unlimited access to all sorts of amazing content available on the internet. The security provided by online casinos is also nothing less compared to a land based casino, only without the troublesome security blocks and body checks you will have to endure when visiting a land based casino. Nowadays, a two factor authentication and some form of biometric authentication are standard for the security system for an online casino that is considered to be reliable. Breach of user information and privacy, or any sort of identity theft are rare because security systems employed by online casinos are constantly improving. 


Not to mention the sheer number of games that are available online. On the internet, you can kiss your boring old days goodbye as you will never run out of options while gaming with your favorite online casino. The online casino market is a particularly fierce one, meaning the games are the online casino’s strength and key factor to surviving in the harsh industry. In a reliable online casino, there will be a large variety of online entertainment content for you to choose from, because there are tons of prominent online software providers currently operating in the industry, so you can bet on the fact that the quality of these games are going to be consistently good as well. Online, you can find a large selection of unique slot games and fishing games that feature interesting visual design, gameplay mechanics, appealing themes and smooth gameplay. The majority of live table games that you are going to find online feature state of the art streaming technology, meaning you will be able to be immersed in your table game as if you are sitting right across the dealer, and the dealer is going to be sexy, gorgeous eye candy; what’s not to love?


In the online world, rules are different, so it will take some time getting used to. Going online to play a live table games such as Blackjack or a single player game such as Slot games while employing traditional ways of gambling popularized by the land based casino gambling community is one of the many rookie mistakes found among newcomers. Not to mention that there are also a few bad apples to be found online, these bad apples come in the form of shady, unreliable online casinos looking to scam new players. Admittedly, the chances of a newbie falling for one of these scams are too high, and it poses as a concern for us people working in the online casino industry.


This is where we come in. We are a team of writers based in Southeast Asia, we have writers from different countries and backgrounds such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines and Thailand. Our goal is to make the online world a more welcoming place for gamblers looking to switch from gambling in land based casinos to gambling online. This blog will include articles regarding the comings and goings of the online casino scene, here you will find the latest news, updates, game releases, and reviews of new online casinos and new games. We can not only help you identify a suspicious online casino, and filter out the bad ones from the good ones, but we can also teach you how to identify them as well so you can be more independent and more rational and wiser in choosing an online casino to support. Our reviews of online casinos mostly cover not only the quality and quantity of games, but also casino design, casino security plus customer service as well. 


Trying to pick a favorite game to play can be frustrating due to the overwhelmingly abundant options that are available online. We hope that by creating this blog we can serve as a guide for you to navigate your way in the online world. Our reviews are all written by veteran online players and experts in the industry so you know we can be trusted. We bring you game recommendations, game updates, ranked list of games, games to blacklist, and upcoming games to look out for. Not only that, we will also bring you gaming tips and tricks so that you can start gaming like a pro by learning from us. Before we mentioned that the rules are wholly different online compared to gambling at a land based casino, you do not have to worry about that when you take our classes. Our tutorials are clear, precise, have high adaptability and flexibility, consistent yet easy to understand. We’ll get you on your feet in no time so you can build your online gaming career starting today!


If you are interested in our writings and our goals, feel free to give us feedback! Your feedback is very helpful for us as it helps us improve and polish our site. You can contact us on our wechat hotline, whatsapp hotline or even join our live chat lobby to have a chat with us. Do send us an official email if you wish to work for us, we welcome just about anybody to join our family, it does not matter if you are inexperienced in our field, we can provide training and guidance, no problem. Our articles are published on a daily basis, so remember to subscribe and follow us so you will not miss out on any one of them.