August 11, 2022

The Truth Behind 7 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Casinos

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The Truth Behind 7 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Casinos

The Truth Behind 7 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Casinos

Lately, there have been lots of misconceptions about online casinos. And of course, you will easily believe me when I say that news fly – whether truth or lie – and rumors spread faster than wildfire.

You must have heard a lot of things about online casinos that might have you wondering; how true?

One of the reasons people make certain negative assumptions about online casinos is due to the ongoing mistrust of the Internet culture due to fraudulent activities. Nowadays, any new development is subject to skepticism.

Although many of the myths have been corrected, there are few existing outrageous beliefs that need to be addressed. This article will do well to highlight them.


#1. Games Are Rigged

There is this popular belief among certain people that online casinos are rigged.

According to them, game providers change results at times when a player wins a bet that worths a fortune. They argue that since the casino business is all about gains, the providers wouldn’t want to let players cash out very huge amounts, and hence, they manipulate results.

Some also claim that online casino games can’t be as real as the conventional casino since it’s online-based. According to them, a player can easily be scammed online than offline.

However, these claims are totally false because certain software, like Random Number Generators (RNG), are put in place to ensure that such irregularities are IMPOSSIBLE.


#2. Gambling Sites Are Insecure

There are people out there who believe that online casinos are not secure, unlike the land-based hotel-casinos.

This outrageous belief is popular among most beginners who are scared to get involved with a process they don’t fully comprehend.

However, online casinos are strictly regulated to ensure that the privacy and safety of players are guaranteed.


#3. Kids CAN Play Casinos

This is totally wrong because if you are not at least up to 18, you can’t register to play casinos.

To ensure that a player’s age is correct, a valid ID must be provided by the player during registration. So you see, there’s no way a kid can get involved.


#4. You Can Only Win At A Particular Hour Of The Day

As a matter of fact, this belief is insane!

The RNG software surely makes winning a chance!

Winning is random.

Winning is a probability!


#5. Auto-play is Rigged

Ok, if you used to believe that the auto-play feature is not reliable, then you have to unlearn that theory.

There are regulatory bodies that ensure that such fraud doesn’t take place in an online casino.


#6. You CAN’T Win With Bonuses

Some people believe that since bonuses are free, you CAN’T win a bet with such free money.

But they are wrong.

Just so you know, you can win with bonuses just as much as you do with your own money. This is because there is no way an online casino can figure out if you are playing with your money or with bonuses.


#7. Online Slot Games Are Boring

This misconception can only be held by those who never played online slots.

The fact remains that the fun and entertaining nature of online slot games threatens most conventional slots.

No wonder, most hotel-casinos have no choice than to start establishing online versions of their brands. Otherwise, they’d risk going extinct.



The reason for these numerous misconceptions is simple; false news spread pretty fast. Of course, globalization makes it possible!

However, be rest assured that most of those myths are not true!

There are regulatory bodies that ensure that such irregularities are not obtainable.


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