August 11, 2022

Where to Download Mega888?

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Where to Download Mega888?

How to Download Mega888?


You have certainly heard of Mega888. Everywhere people are talking about them. They are currently the fastest growing online casino in the market, especially in southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The selection of games at Mega888 are impressive, upon entering the casino players will be greeted with rows and rows of attractive games tempting them to play. We can definitely see why so many people are currently addicted to Mega888, because we can never imagine ourselves getting bored while gaming with them with all these options available for us to choose from. You can learn more about Mega888 at


Some of the greatest examples in their arsenal of games include: Thai Paradise, Discovery and Sparta. Thai Paradise is an exotic online slot game that feels as if the player is taking a vacation to thai, the music and the visuals are all so impressive they will immediately transport you to Thailand once you click play. Discovery is a slot game that is based on adventure movies such as Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones. Together with your partner you travel to exotic locations from all around the world searching for treasures. By playing Discovery you get to uncover long lost treasures while directly winning money and depositing them into your pocket, how about that? Sparta is the featured online casino game this month, it has caught on a lot of attention online due to some online slot game review sites and blogs rating it a perfect score of five out of five stars. The game is based on the spartan soldiers, who were popularized by the Zack Snyder film based on the comic by Frank Miller — 300.


To get a taste of all the amazing games mentioned above, all you have to do is register an account with Mega888. The registration process will not take more than 3 minutes of your time, just fill in your information, pick a username and password, and you are good to go. You can choose to either sign up as a regular member or a VIP member. Regular members will have access to all of their games and the majority of promotions that the online casino offers. VIP members will have exclusive offers and free credits giveaways handed to them every month, they will also have priority seats to some of the exclusive event bonuses available on the site every now and then.


Players can choose to either register an account on the Mega888 official website or by downloading the Mega888 app. The Mega888 app is available for download on both the Apple and Google play store. Players will also have a third option of downloading the Mega888 and registering an account by visiting The site is a trusted partner of Mega888 which serves as a download platform for Mega888 fans who found themselves region locked from downloading the Mega888 app from play stores due to certain restrictions. Simply follow the instructions on the home page of the site for a successful installation, and you are good to go! We hope you have fun with Mega888, we certainly did! 


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