September 28, 2022

Best Tips And Tricks To Avoid Online Casino Scams And Play Safely

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Best Tips And Tricks To Avoid Online Casino Scams And Play Safely

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Online Casino Scams

With the rise in popularity of online casino games, unfortunately comes the rise of online scammers. Like many industries online casinos can be impersonated or unfair. Playing at a fake casino or site can be extremely dangerous for your bank balance. So for advice and tips on how best to stay safe, avoid online casino scams and fully enjoy the world of online casinos read on below.


Check out their online reputation

Check for online reviews from third party sites or forums. Players may say their account was closed before a payout which is a huge warning sign that a site may not be trustworthy. Try to observe reviews from a range of sources to give you the best overview of a sites general reputation.


Are there any T&Cs?

An online gambling website should clearly display a list of their rules and regulations, this helps to display their honesty and also that they take the safety of their players seriously by having a list of rules everyone should abide by.


Check for a license

All reputable online casino sites should have some form of license that shows they are being held accountable by an outside authority. This should be clearly and proudly displayed by a site, often towards the bottom of a site, so if you can’t find it this should be a warning sign that they don’t have a license.


Who are their software providers?

Another important check is to make sure the games have been developed by reputable games developers. If the games developers are not mentioned, they may not have come from a trustworthy or fair source.


Are they endorsed?

Similar to the license, an endorsement is another very important factor to look for when decided where to gamble. If an independent (particularly national or international) testing agency has given their approval you know the site can be trusted.


How will you be paid?

An online site should clearly let its customers know how they will be paid when collecting their winnings. If you have won money, it is only fair that you know exactly when and how to access it.


Watch out for ‘bonuses’

Ensure you read the terms and conditions of any offer or bonus, you may end up trapped in a contract or spending more money than you had hoped. If something is too good to be true, this is probably the case!


Watch out for cash deposits

Any site asking for cash deposits should be avoided. An online casino exists due to the safety and security online transactions can provide.


Does customer support exist?

Another factor that should influence your decision is whether the site possesses some form of customer support or clear contact information. If you encounter an issue it is important that you are able to reach out for help.



Even if a site is really well designed and looks professional, it may still have the potential to scam you. As long as you take care and implement the advice above you should be able to stay as safe as possible when gambling online, usually your gut feeling will be able to warn you if a site feels untrustworthy.


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