September 28, 2022

How to Download and Install 918Kiss

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How to Download and Install 918Kiss

Where to Download and Install 918kiss


918Kiss is the top rankings source for all sorts of online entertainment in Malaysia. Whether you are looking for slot games, fishing games, poker games, roulette table, baccarat or any other games, you have come to the right place. 918Kiss offers brilliant prizes, promotions and offers for their players, not to mention the attractive progressive jackpot up for grabs. Any minute spent not playing with 918Kiss is a minute wasted, because every day the massive prize and jackpot are at risk of ending up in someone else’s hands. So, stop hesitating, hurry up and register an account with 918Kiss to gain unlimited access to all the 918Kiss content.


You can register an account with 918Kiss either by visiting the 918Kiss official website, or download and install 918Kiss app. The registration process will not take more than five minutes because we all know how precious time is as a resource in the online gaming community. Time is opportunity, a second too long when you are placing bets could lead to a loss in thousands of dollars. Time is, indeed, money, which is why you should hurry up and join us!


Simply search for 918Kiss on the apple and google play store and you will see us pop up as the first result. However, if you find that our app is missing from the play store, it could be because you are region locked due to restrictions in your area. We have a solution for this.


Introducing, a download platform for fans of 918Kiss who are region locked. This is a third party download site so you should have no problem downloading the file here. The only trouble here is that you would have to manually download and install the app into your phone. You can do that by following the instructions provided in the download page of the site, or follow the instructions stated below.


Step 1: Understand what is your phone type and your phone’s operating system. If you have an iPhone, click on the download link for apple users. Similarly, if your phone is running on Android, click on the download link for android users instead.


Step 2: Click on the ‘download’ prompt to download and install 918kiss .apk file of the 918Kiss app onto your device. 


Step 3: If you performed step 2 on your laptop or pc, you can transfer the .apk file to your phone by using a wire.


Step 4: Before the installation process can begin, you will have to go to Settings then go to General. Scroll down until you see Device Management.


Step 5: In Device Management you will see ‘All Continental Sdn Bhd”. By clicking on it, you will be prompted a question on whether to trust this developer. The answer is YES.


Step 6: Once you click yes, the installation process will immediately start. Now all you need to do is wait,


Once the app has successfully been installed, you are good to go! Now you have 918Kiss on your phone, and you can start playing games no matter where you are, as long as you have your phone with you!


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