August 11, 2022

Microgaming to Add New Table Games via Switch Studios

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Microgaming to Add New Table Games via Switch Studios

Microgaming to Add New Table Games via Switch Studios

Developments done by Switch Studios has Microgaming to introduce new table games into its collection. Microgaming, as you might have heard of, is a company that provides award-winning gaming software for operators around the world. Few years back in 2015, it set a Guinness World Record title for the ‘Largest Jackpot Payout In An Online Slot Machine Game’. Its company is situated in a place called Isle of Man. In fact, new contents have been created by Switch Studios specifically for Microgaming, and there will be up to six new games that will be launching soon.


Recently Developed Game Content

With rather huge ambitions, Switch Studio have explicitly created games that centres on the immersion aspect of the table game genre. Both the desktop and mobile versions have been enhanced in terms of gameplay. The developer has just recently launched the ‘European Blackjack’ this year and has now moved on to develop some more Blackjack games.


Famous Game

Some of the known games that were just launched on the 4th of December were Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Classic Blackjack, just to mention a few. The launching of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack will soon follow suit a week later on 11th December. Players are presented with the classic casino gameplay accompanied by a few top notch gaming action with minimalistic design. Undoubtedly, players will soon be eagerly waiting to get their hands on and try the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack soon. They are deemed to be as fun as the games available in platforms such as Online Slots Review.


New and Improved Features 

Games developed by Switch Studios which are played by gamers will have a chance to fully utilise a really useful feature called ‘Standard Side Bets’. What gamers will be able to use experience in this feature are Split Hands, Double Down, and Insurance. In addition to these amazing features, top notch animations and sound effects will also be provided by Switch Studio. They really go to a great length of effort to ensure that players are able to enjoy one of the best gaming experiences in their lives.


Future Plans 

Adding on to all of the previously mentioned endeavour, the developer has a lot of other plans for the future. Currently, they are in the process of planning to create a new baccarat game. This game will be up and running on 11th December, on Microgaming as well. Players will be given a platform to take part in the table game that has its roots on the Eastern classic on this new game. By offering this multi-platform based online, the developers have basically updated a classic game to fulfil the needs of the modern and new generations of gamers alike. Furthermore, a mechanic called ‘Card Squeeze’ will also be utilized in the baccarat game. This is where the players will be able to perform some moves such as pulling, flipping, peeling and also rotating their cards, thus ensuring an experience that guarantees full and maximum immersion. An inclusion of the feature called Scorecard has also been announced, whereby it is customizable according to each of the player’s wishes.

The Director of Global Operations at Microgaming which is currently held by James Buchanan has pitched in on the new games which are about to be released. He mentioned that with the release of these six new titles from Switch Studio solely for Microgaming, they have now increased the collection of games that they offer. All of these games fulfils their hopes of reinvigorating the market with more awesome experiences.


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