September 28, 2022

10 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

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10 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

Top 10 Tips to Win More at Casino

Casino games are becoming increasingly popular, it’s a generally a quick and easy form of entertainment and gratification, for those new to gambling and even seasoned players. One question that plagues the mind of new players, is how to beat the odds at the casino? This type of knowledge was generally gained from time and experience, however to save you time, we have listed our 10 best tips, to help you beat the odds when playing at a


  1. Practice

As mentioned above one important tip to increase your chances of winning is practice. You don’t have to spend years honing in on your skills, just spend enough time to really familiarise yourself with one type of game, to help you to become more of an expert. The better your skills, the more likely you are to succeed and win big.


  1. Keep track of your time

Ensure you don’t overstay your welcome, many casinos actually refrain from displaying clocks and the time, and even don’t have windows, to ensure players lose track of time.


  1. Avoid the vibrant and loud machines

Machines that generally have the worst odds are made to look extra enticing to players. Bright lights and attention grabbing sound effects are there to pull you in, but don’t be fooled, this is a classic casino tactic.


  1. Scope out in-experienced dealers

Some dealers are likely to be new and potentially clumsy. It may sound a little unfair, but this form of odds beating is still completely legal. Some dealers accidentally flash face down cards, giving you a potential advantage.


  1. Always keep your eye on the prize

Unfortunately those pole dancers and bikini clad dealers have been placed there for a reason. The odds are likely worse on these types of tables. So try to avoid these tables if you can.


  1. Always purchase your own beverages

Some people also believe casinos may offer players free drinks to increase the likelihood of becoming drunk and losing the ability to make better decisions. It may be beneficial to purchase your own drinks, or at least drink moderately.


  1. The odds are best when you go big

The age old saying, go big or go home, applies here. The machines and table with low starting amounts are likely to have lower odds, so take the risk and bet a little bit more if you have the confidence, chances are it will pay off.


  1. Know when it’s time to walk away

If you’re on a winning streak, remember that what comes up, must come down. Bow out on a win, and not when you suddenly lose all of your earnings in an over the top bet when you were floating on a natural high of winning so much.


  1. Some games just need to be avoided

Many experienced players recommend avoiding certain types of games where the odds are low, an example is the game Keno, where the odds of winning have actually been calculated at near on impossible.


  1. Don’t be reckless

If you’re in minus figures, or even having a winning streak of luck, don’t become too reckless or make a risky move, you could end up in an even worse situation.


In summary, the majority of casino games are influenced by luck, skill and a lot of experience, however with our tips listed above, you should be on the right track to improving your odds and hopefully rewards when playing at a casino.


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